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Each element surrounding us in our homes, is a reflection of the way we see ourselves. Cyrus design contributes by allowing you to control your own home, the one place where the reins are in your hands. It brings everything revolving around you to become alive through wood. Wood, such as timber that has life and brings a breath of life into its beholders homes. You will no longer be surrounded with artificial imitations of what wood can create, but now able to express (words) emotions and character to build our reality of what a home and office should really be like, with furniture that has a story waiting to be read.


And as the world is revaluing, Cyrus design intertwines the fabrics of the old with new, by bringing a mixture of artwork with modern and tradition. A balance between these two, so there is still a steadiness and sense of familiarity, and that in the mist of our rapid world modernising you don’t lose yourself in all its wonders. We are what centres your dreams into harmony and bring wood and metal into unity into a home of possibilities.

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Cyrus Design Pty Ltd, trading as Cyrus Construction WA